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Process Chemistry

Developing a robust and efficient process is crucial to bring a drug candidate through clinical trial to
commercialization. Our many years of experience in process chemistry will give you the assurance of
developing an efficient process of your drug candidates. We specialize in all phases of process
development work and will do the following at an appropriate stage.

  • Fit for purpose project execution based on customer’s requirements
  • Minimum required work for the pre-clinical process development work
  • Route selection, route optimization, process robustness, process throughput, design of experiments (DoE) study, process safety study, and critical process parameter (CPP) study for phase I-III process development work
  • Technical transfer of the developed process to strategic partner in India for non-GLP and GMP scale-up to pass on savings to the customer
  • Hybrid project execution in USA and India to provide cost effective solution to customers
  • Comprehensive project management oversight during the scale-up work

We are committed to the following while developing a process for your drug candidate.

  • Develop processes within timeline and budget
  • Produce cost effective processes utilizing cheaper materials and reagents
  • Develop safer processes with defined process boundaries
  • Deliver an efficient process, devoid of column chromatography when possible
  • Produce an environmentally friendly process
  • Develop a robust and stable process
  • Telescope steps as much as possible to increase process efficiency
  • Customer satisfaction: timely delivery of product with an outline for future development

Medicinal Chemistry

  • Hit to lead Generation
  • SAR Studies
  • Synthesis of selective and focused libraries
  • Lead optimization

Metabolites and Stable Isotope Compounds Preparation

  • We offer our customers the synthesis of metabolites to perform efficacy and toxicity testing
  • We also offer the synthesis of stable isotope metabolites (deuterium, C13, N15, and O18) to enhance and simplify in vivo applications and metabolic flux analyses
  • We offer the synthesis of stable isotope API and intermediates (deuterium, C13, N15, and O18)
    for pharmacokinetic study

Key Intermediates and Custom Manufacture

  • We offer our customers the synthesis of key intermediates and custom synthesis following original protocol or a developed process
  • Manufacturing from kg to metric ton scale in India
  • All intellectual properties derived from projects belong to the client

Additional Services

  • Reference Standards and Impurities Synthesis
    We offer our customers the synthesis of reference standards and impurities as part of the process development work to facilitate analytical work, tox study, and regulatory submission
  • Scaffolds and Library Synthesis
    We offer our customers the synthesis of scaffolds and libraries to advance their medicinal chemistry program
  • We offer project management and consultancy services to virtual and small biotech companies to advance their programs through IND and NDA submission in the CMC area
  • We are in the process of identifying strategic partners in the area of analytical services and kilo scale cGMP manufacture in USA and India
  • We plan to expand our services to the preformulation area in future